Permanent Placement Services

With access to an unprecedented global workforce of more than half-a-million candidates and, with an additional ability to search, qualify, and place in real-time, a global pool of candidates spanning all areas of IT development, BLOOM has been successfully meeting our client’s permanent staffing.

Mechanized by high powered permanent placement recruiters, Our full-service recruiting experience use breakthrough proprietary recruitment strategies. We create high-impact solutions to enhance the competitiveness of the organizations to built-in quality measures and on-boarding processes to recruit, assess, and qualify the right professionals for our client positions at every level. We use a consultative way to understand each and every specific need and present candidates only with the most advanced technical and human skill sets in the marketplace.

With a high client satisfaction rate, Collabra is a trusted partner to hundreds of companies now employing highly-skilled personnel we have proudly selected and presented to our clients.

The Difference